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A Writer's Blog About Life: Insomnia - The Waking Nightmare

It's that time again. Yep, can't sleep. Many people have this problem and yet for some there's no solution. I've heard it said that writers often have insomnia. Don't know where this stemmed from, but I heard writers such as Mark Twain and others often suffered from insomnia and would use the time that they couldn't sleep to do most of their writing. Well, lucky them. My body hates me. Not only do I get easily tired and normally go to bed at 9 p.m., but if I wake up in the middle of the night - as I often do - my body rebels against me. I can't watch something on TV because I start to feel nauseous. Same thing with a computer, but sometimes I can get away with typing for a little bit (like now). I'm assuming that it's because my eyes are tired and are strained from staring at a screen, but regardless it sucks. SUCKS. I have to lay there and twiddle my thumbs apparently. I can't make use of the time that I can't sleep. Do you know how much writing I could get done if I could write during my insomnia periods? A lot. My brain won't function late at night, even if it's before insomnia around like 8 or 9 p.m. What the hell?! It's hard enough to function to do anything when you're tired. And my insomnia usually is in the form of can't stay asleep for long. The longest I've been able to sleep at a time is four hours. Even though I go back to sleep sometimes within 20 minutes, other times within a couple hours, it's still interrupted sleep. And your body apparently doesn't like that. At all. Even on the weekends I'll try and sleep in till like 10 a.m. especially if I've woken up for a couple hours in the middle of the night. Guess what? Still tired. Still feel like I can't function fully. It's awful. Without a good night's rest you suffer from fatigue and inability to concentrate, irritability. Basically, I need someone to just knock me out.

I haven't tried Melatonin yet because it's a hormone and I'm already on stuff that messes with my hormones and plus my primary doctor said she didn't think it would help. I guess it's hit or miss. My newest hope is this new craze - Your Super. Have you heard about it? It's pretty cool. It originated in the UK by this couple because her family are all nutritionists and her husband got testicular cancer so she made him blended super foods from around the world such as India and other places, so it's all natural herbs but still medicinal plants that have been used for hundreds of years by different cultures. I use several of them, including their Energy Bomb. Because with my insomnia I'm like this:

A zombie. Literally so tired I'm not sure I can make it through one job. That's like a two hour stretch, not including driving. In case you're confused, I'm a stenographer (more about that later). The Energy Bomb helps me make it through half the day pretty well. I definitely feel a difference. Still tired and very easily exhausted, but better. Anyway, Your Super came out with a new blend Mellow Yellow that's supposed to help with both anxiety and insomnia, so we'll see. I'm just starting it. I'm sure diet, lack of water, lack of exercise factors in. I have a very sedentary job. It's crazy when you feel so mentally exhausted it's like your body is physically wiped as well.

So here I am writing at now 3 in the morning wondering why my brain can't focus on the book I'm supposed to be working on. Or at least shut up so I can get some sleep. It's hard being human. My cat has it so easy. To all those insomniacs out there, I feel your pain. And I hope some of you are able to sleep better or have found remedies. Please let me know if you've found something that's worked. #insomnia #writer #blog

Have a good night. I know what my morning's going to be like tomorrow:

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