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Welcome to A Writer's Blog About Life

My name is Caitlyn Mancini (maiden name, which I'm using for all my books). Yes, I'm Italian. Woot! And one-fourth Irish. That's a volatile combination, but that's what Taekwondo is for.

I am a young adult author ranked USA Today Best Seller for Project S.K.I.E. (Book One of The S.K.I.E. Series). The SKIE series is my first series, a YA sci-fi romance, and pretty soon the fourth and final book will release this year! Which means.... BOX SET! My very first one. My second series, which you can see a teaser of on this website under The Shards of Arcayna is a young adult fantasy romance. That will be releasing in 2021, but I will keep you apprised of any updates including my new awesome cover artist who is going to be working on this new series as well as the final SKIE book and the box set image *happy dance*. In order to keep things separate my blog is going to be for interesting topics. It's called "A Writer's Blog About Life" just to introduce you to my life, things that I find interesting and/or amusing, etc. I always try to put a little burst of humor in my writing, but I'm always honest. Bluntly so, I'm afraid. And it's okay if you totally disagree with my point of view. ^-^

Updates for my books are going to come from joining the website and getting VIP updates, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter (home page). It's free and I promise not to bombard you! The great thing about the newsletter is that I'm using it only for updates for the books. And let's face it. How often does a cover reveal happen? Once a year. How often does the release date or pre-order date come up? Once a year. So you maybe will receive up to 5 newsletters from me in a year. Everything else will be fun blog stuff (here) or random Facebook Page updates. You can follow either or both book series on Facebook. They each have their own separate page so you're not obligated to follow them both (or either).

Be warned: The blog will have talks and even pics of cute animals. If you haven't seen my main Instagram (not the one under SKIE Series but my name) you will know it's pretty much all about my adorable cat Sable. I love animals in general so there will be pictures of others, especially because I love going to the Creature Conservancy where you get to see unusual animals up close. There will be some "serious" topics but nothing political or religious or anything like that, only human stuff.

I hope you all will sign up for my VIP updates! I'm excited to share the upcoming cover reveals for my books! ^-^

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