The Shards of Arcayna

Book 1: The World of Ilunae

The summer before her sister Elle heads off to college, fifteen-year-old Sky is convinced it’s going to be another uneventful summer. Or so she thought. Plans change abruptly when Sky stumbles across the shard of a rare artifact that thrusts them into a fantastical new world full of bizarre creatures and beings with unimaginable abilities. 

But the mystical shard’s power doesn’t stop there. Suddenly, Sky is bestowed with superhuman abilities that mark her as a target for any snarling beast that detects her. On the run, the sisters delve deeper into this mysterious realm, only to find themselves caught in the middle of a brewing clan war.

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The World of Ilunae, Book 1 of the Shards of Arcayna series, an epic fantasy romance . Swept into a world by a mysterious pendant bestowing powerful abilities, Sky meets a handsome boy in the strange world and becomes drawn to him and his clan and their astonishing abilities. A dark entity is spreading across Ilunae threatening everything in its path. Torn between Ilunae and finding her way back home, Sky must make a difficult decision. Unbeknownst to her, that choice will affect the fate of Ilunae.

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